Drupal Modules

There are several things to consider when choosing the right module for your Drupal project. Like any other open source system, the biggest problem is that in Drupal there are always several ways to get the same result, and therefore it is normal that you can find more than one...
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This year 2021 seems to be the end of "third party cookies". For some time (even years) several browsers have been blocking them, but Chrome was not willing to do so. The reason is simple, third-party cookies are widely used for online advertising, they are an attack on the privacy...
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What is the Hreflang tag? Introduced by Google in December 2011, the hreflang attribute allows you to show search engines (Google among them) what is the relationship between web pages in alternative languages. That is, it is very useful when you create specific content for a local audience and you...
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