Why choose Drupal?

The Drupal system allows you to launch multi-language and international websites optimized for search engine optimization

Drupal web design is based on a modular and very configurable content management system (CMS) that allows you to launch optimized websites for search engine optimization (SEO) adapting to your digital strategy and helping you to vehicle your marketing actions on-line.

A great effort is made in selecting and configuring the best modules to achieve a high-performance web design in Drupal that responds to today's demands. Websites that adapt to your SEO, SEM strategy, adapted to mobility, and facilitating your content management with improved usability.

More than 1 million websites on the Internet with Drupal

Some examples of important brands and institutions that have opted for drupal web design: The White House, MTV England, Twitter, Amnesty International, Yelmo Cinemas, Fiat, Red Cross, Fedex, Tesla

Drupal scalability

The scalability is a very important factor in the Drupal web design, its modular system together with the contributed modules make this an almost unlimited project in benefits.

E-commerce with Drupal

Drupal allows you to configure very flexible e-commerce websites and with all the advantages of a CMS and search engine optimization, essential to position an e-commerce.

Drupal is Open Source

The Open Source license makes Drupal web design a scalable project of continuous evolution with great support. Thanks to the extensive community formed around this Open Source CMS, regular updates are available.

Drupal's sociability

Connect your website with the world of social networks in a personalized and automatic way thanks to its integration into the drupal web design.

Security is important in Drupal

The heart of Drupal (drupal core) is updated periodically to correct vulnerabilities or other system improvements, thanks to this the drupal web design is also a choice that values security. In addition, your Drupal website will be protected from SPAM thanks to free and contributed modules published by the community.

SEO friendly in Drupal

The web development in Drupal provides a good implementation of SEO friendly which allows to manage and maintain in an easy and intuitive way all those elements that the online marketing actions oblige us to keep updated. It helps others in one of the most frequent problems on websites that is the loss of reference links or 404 errors, Drupal is responsible for automatically addressing the address (url) that has changed.

Among other things, the metatags and pathauto modules stand out, which allow us to automate the creation of metatitles, meta descriptions and friendly urls.

Drupal is Multi-language and International

Drupal provides a multi-language system from the beginning, allows you to translate the content and locate it for any place in the world, therefore it allows us to execute marketing strategies such as international positioning.

The multi-language system of Drupal is much better than what can be found in for example Wordpress.

Third party API connection

The integration of third-party services with a website is very important and the drupal web development easily integrates it. These are some examples of the most common services: Google AdSense, Sugar CRM, Google API, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Facebook, Mailchimp, Twitter, Akeneo, …

Drupal is responsive

Within the web development in Drupal the adaptive web design is integrated, it is about making the website adaptable to the great diversity of devices with Internet connection that currently exist. Increasingly, our website must respond to a good user experience in any context to facilitate conversion, a very important factor in online marketing.

For example, a great thing to highlight is image management. Users upload images to the web without worrying about whether they are optimized or not. Then it is the Drupal who is responsible for trimming, scaling and compressing the images shown on the web. Also in Drupal we have included in the Drupal core a specific module that allows you to display different images for different screen sizes. Imagine how powerful it is to be able to display an image in a more square format and of small size and weight on mobile devices, and at the same time this same image can be displayed in panoramic format and in large size for desktop screens.

Think now about the combination of all the advantages of web development in Drupal on the same website and you will see that it opens the doors to obtain results for your business or organization.


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