Until recently, in most projects, I have put the Google recaptcha to avoid SPAM. Both for user login/registration and any other form accessible to anonymous users.

Until now, I had always used two modules that configured between them allowed this functionality:


But using these two modules have 3 problems:

  • Too much code for what is needed (if you only want 1 captcha type, the google captcha).
  • Too much configuration for how simple it should be.
  • They disable caches on the pages where the forms with captchas are displayed. This kills performance if, for example, you have the login form as a block on all pages.

Precisely for the last reason (caches and performance), I was looking for solutions for a website where most of the pages showed a contact form.

The captcha + recaptcha module offers some patches that supposedly support having caches enabled, but they don't work well. They override the recaptcha and make it so that anyone can bypass it, including bots. So they are not a viable option.

Then I found another much simpler module as its name suggests "Simple Google reCAPTCHA".

It is a simple module, but it does what it promises easily and correctly.

Link to the project page: https://www.drupal.org/project/simple_recaptcha

If you don't have many different forms or want to use several types of captchas at the same time ... I recommend you to use this module to use Drupal caches at its best and avoid having a slow website.

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