Who I am

Hello, my name is Robert Menetray, I am a Catalan passionate about technologies and I have been working and contributing to the Drupal community since 2009. In these years I have been able to cover a wide variety of project typologies due to the flexibility of the Drupal platform. With all these years and Drupal projects in which I have worked, I consider myself an expert in developing web with Drupal.

I am a freelance developer specialized in Drupal. I have more than 10 years of experience creating web pages with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. I am a Full-Stack programmer, that is, I can work either in backend programming, site-building, frontend issues, or server Sysadmin.

I am only available for remote work from my home office. If you need someone to work in your office, I am not the person for the position.

I like the camaraderie and the exchange of knowledge that come with teamwork. On the other hand, as a freelance remote worker, I am an entrepreneur and disciplined, so I am also willing to work alone on smaller projects or have to take care of specific parts of large projects on my own, or if I have a lot of time I can take care of The whole project is complete even if it is a month project.

If you are looking for a reliable Drupal Developer with a lot of experience, to build a new website with Drupal, maintain an existing one, hire a Drupal consultancy or join a development team, contact me.

Drupal Community

Drupal has one of the largest and most active online communities providing new content functionality to the content manager and resolving errors. The community facilitates the work with the content manager and further extends its possibilities.

I support the open source movement, and I am an active member of the Drupal community and lend a hand in Drupal.org, both in the creation of new functionalities, as in the resolution of bugs and the application of patches. Check out my profile on Drupal.org to see my most recent contributions.

Drupal Barcelona / Catalan Community

I've been a member of the Barcelona Drupal community for years. I have been to several Drupal Ladders and Drupal Beers that the Catalan Community does in Barcelona.

I have also given several conferences about Drupal. One of them was at the DrupalSummer in Barcelona in 2017.


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Have Any Project in Mind?

If you want to do something in Drupal maybe you can hire me.

Either for consulting, development or maintenance of Drupal websites.