WebiCaster is one of my personal projects, of course it is created in Drupal 9, and it is a good example of how much can be achieved without touching code to get functionality in your project.

WebiCaster is a portal focused for podcasters who want to meet other people to interview for their podcasts.
It is a user matching portal from which you can send an email only to the users you have matched with. It has a faceted search engine to make life easier for the user and find the ideal people.

This website is a clear example of how powerful Drupal is in managing user permissions. Ideal for intranets or membership platforms with different user roles.

The visual theme was the only coding thing I had to create. We used a paid one only available in pure HTML, and adapted it to work with Drupal. This has allowed me to publish an attractive and functional website in a very short time and very low cost.

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