PodcastVery is another one of my personal projects, it was created in Drupal 9, and is a good example of how much can be achieved if you know how to put together the right contributed modules for your project.

PodcastVery is a web portal focused for podcast listeners who want to discover new podcasts and don't know how to do it.

It is an indexer and search engine that collects information from over 1.5 million podcasts and allows users to vote on their favorites and discover new podcasts.

It has a faceted search engine to make life easier for the user, a permissions/roles management, a voting/recommendation system and it is a multi-language website (English/Spanish).

This website is a clear example of how powerful Drupal is in managing a large amount of data. Ideal for websites with millions of pages, multiple languages and a very powerful search system.

The visual theme has been created using Tailwind and trying to follow the best practices of component based design. This has allowed us to publish an attractive and functional website in a very short time and at a very low cost.

The most complex part of the project has been the indexing and continuous processing of the large amount of podcast data.

Update 2023: This project, due to maintenance costs and low user impact, has been discontinued. It no longer exists.

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