Drupalízate: El podcast de Drupal

Portada del podcast Drupalízate
Drupalízate is a weekly podcast (in spanish) created by me, where I talk about web development based on Drupal.
The main content is to solve the typical doubts that may have someone who has or wants to have a website in Drupal.
Apart from solving doubts of "customers", I also talk about tips, recommendations and best practices for the Developer who are just starting in this world.

Hoy quiero criticar a esas personas que se meten a hacer proyectos en una tecnología que no saben como funciona...

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Hoy toca hablar sobre uno de los módulos más usados y que mayor flexibilidad aportan a cualquier web Drupal, el...

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SEO en Drupal

11 Mar 2022

Hoy te vengo a explicar las bases del SEO en proyectos Drupal. Los 4 módulos principales que has de tener...

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