Drupalízate: El podcast de Drupal

Portada del podcast Drupalízate
Drupalízate is a weekly podcast (in spanish) created by me, where I talk about web development based on Drupal.
The main content is to solve the typical doubts that may have someone who has or wants to have a website in Drupal.
Apart from solving doubts of "customers", I also talk about tips, recommendations and best practices for the Developer who are just starting in this world.

En este episodio te comento todo el proyecto Webicaster.com por dentro.

Búsquedas y gráficos estadísticos con ElasticSearch, uso del módulo...

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Vabiso.com es un portal de ofertas de empleo montado usando Drupal 8.

Las tecnologías básicas usadas son:

- módulo migrate...

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Have Any Project in Mind?

If you want to do something in Drupal maybe you can hire me.

Either for consulting, development or maintenance of Drupal websites.