If someone has made you a design of how you want the web to look, I can take care of converting those designs into HTML, TWIG, CSS/SASS and JS / JQUERY so that your web comes alive.

I always try to use SASS and with responsive design as a priority (mobile first).


Sitebuilding is the art of knowing how to configure the websites. This implies knowing all the available modules that your project can or should use, and above all it implies that you have to know how to configure as optimally as possible in order to reduce the time and costs of the project.

If you have a design and/or frontend team, but you don't have anyone who has worked with Drupal and they don't know how to configure Drupal to be able to do your project correctly … I can be that sitebuilding specialist that you need.


A backend person is usually understood as the programmer who is able to create or modify custom modules for particular projects.

As examples of things I can do as a backend developer:

  • Create my own modules (I have some published on
  • Detect bugs in the code and create patches (I have several patches published on
  • Apply patches that other people in the community have made to fix bugs
  • Work with external read and write APIs (REST or SOAP for example)
  • Creation of periodic and customized content importers that run every day at certain times

If you are a digital agency that is looking for a Drupal developer. I can help you in the development of your website if you don't have enough experts.

Drupal Updates

Punctually or periodically, I help you with updates to your Drupal website. Either security updates or routine updates of the Drupal core or its contributed modules.

You already know (or should know) that the updates fix bugs, security flaws and performance issues that the entire Drupal community has detected and fixed.

Maintenance and new features

I can handle if you want to modify small parts of your website, whether visual or functionality, or fix bugs of things on your website that do not work as they should.

Specialized Hosting for Drupal

Get a Drupal Hosting service adapted to the size of your project, I guarantee the maximum efficiency of your system.

For larger websites or with custom search engines, I also work with servers with Solr and ElasticSearch, with Memcache/Redis and Nginx.

Although I already warn you, I do not work with shared hostings, therefore they are not cheap prices of 20 €/month.

Performance Optimization

Detecting what problems the web has and because in certain cases it is slow is not an easy task. Detecting if it is a Drupal configuration problem, if it is a server problem or if it is a code problem, it can take a long time (especially fix it).

You can hire me only as a consultant to find the problems, or also to fix them if you have not already hired a development team.

Migrate to Drupal 8 and 9

Your Drupal 7 sites will expire in November 2021 when Drupal 7 and 8 arrive at end-of-life. It's time to start planning the migration of your old sites to Drupal 8 or 9.

The Drupal 7 migration will be the last BIG AND COMPLICATED migration that you will have to do, because from now on each new version will be based on Drupal 8. The update to Drupal 9 and subsequent versions will be very easy in comparison.

I have successfully migrated several websites to Drupal 8 and I have a solid experience with the Migrate API. Migrations are not limited to Drupal sites. I can also migrate content from a variety of data sources, including SQL databases, and data in XML, CSV, JSON, DAT, HTML, … So, if you are thinking about updating your website, contact me and tell me what you need.


SEO includes many things, in many of which I am NOT qualified or remotely good:

  • Content curation
  • Creation of external links or backlinks
  • Creation of internal links and optimization
  • Metatags Optimization

What I can help you with is:

  • automate having friendly urls on all pages
  • allow you to use metatags or at least automate the basic ones based on the title and text of each page of your website
  • check the frontend to use the h1, h2, h3 … correctly in the places that should be
  • creation of sitemaps to tell google all the urls of your website
  • review of whether images are scaled and self-compressed for different devices (have a smaller image on mobile than on desktop)
  • check if js and css compression are being used
  • implement the most basic ways of loading speed optimization (Google likes fast loading websites)
  • check the standards you use on your current website and that Google is known to favor to try to improve them

Hacked / Infected websites cleaning

Have you been hacked the web? You don't have any backup?

I can try to clean as much as possible of the rare things I find and make protocols so that this does not happen again.

I always recommend restoring to a previous backup, since you cannot be sure to clean a hacked website 100% no matter how much you try. But in certain cases these backups are not available, and there is only a lot of work left to clean and recover the web as much as possible.

The typical tasks to be performed are:

  • change server to a more secure one
  • update Drupal core and contributed modules
  • implement a daily backup system
  • script cleaning in database tables
  • Clean content, comments and spam users
  • cleaning files that should not be in static files directories
  • check if the code of the modules used by the web has been modified
  • installation and configuration of anti spam and anti robot tools


I do consulting services with Drupal, technology in which I am specialized and I have great experience. I share my criteria to help make your project come to fruition. I help you in the planning, the creation of technical specification and the creation of the project architecture.

I work with your team to transmit my knowledge and thus increase the viability of your project in the medium and long term.

Of all the topics I have described above, in the end you can hire me in two different ways:

  • First if you want me to detect the problems WITHOUT fixing them. Very small budget since it involves relatively few hours.
  • And then, after detecting the problems and prioritizing which ones you want to attack. Either you hire me to solve them, or you pass them the document that I have generated to your current programmers that you have hired to solve the problems that I have encountered.

Tools I work with

To be able to do all this I have commented previously, I use some of the following tools or technologies:

  • Use of the API, standards and best practices of the Drupal Community
  • As featured Drupal modules:
    • Views
    • Configuration management
    • Paragraphs
    • Migrate API
    • Search API
    • Facets
    • Drupal Commerce
  • I almost always work with the PHPStorm code editor
  • To make debug and optimizations use tools such as: xdebug, blackfire, newrelic, …
  • I always work in local and development environments with Docker containers before uploading anything to production
  • Always always always everything by GIT

Have Any Project in Mind?

If you want to do something in Drupal maybe you can hire me.

Either for consulting, development or maintenance of Drupal websites.